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CFD Software, Where Understanding Happens

A lot has changed in CFD software. Over the past three to five years, commercial and government codes have proliferated; and engineers are the winners as the codes keep getting better and better.

Today, engineers might use ANSYS CFX or FLUENT. Or they might opt for STAR-CCM or OpenFOAM. Or they may choose OVERFLOW-2 or Wind-US. Any one of these tools may be preferred for a different flow regime. The plethora of codes used to solve these diverse problems is good news for engineers. Now, depending on what engineers are trying to do, they can choose from a variety of CFD software packages for different types of analyses. (Find out what CFD codes are compatible with Tecplot 360.)

What engineers cannot do, however, is easily analyze the results of all those runs in a convenient way that speeds up their decision time.

Eye-Catching and Data-Rich CFD Software

Tecplot 360 software makes life easier for engineers because we focus on providing complete solutions – high quality engineering visualization tools plus the access to the underlying data.

3D visualizations are certainly eye-catching. We’ve all seen photos like these (upper image), showing the complex CFD around a swimmers body. That’s an important way to understand the fluid dynamics. But CFD software must go further to give engineers what they need for total understanding: What happens in changing water conditions What effect do different materials and configurations of swimming attire have on the CFD? Engineers need to see the subtle anomalies that occur when the variables change. That’s why they demand the numbers.

Engineers value Tecplot solutions because they can drill down from a 3D image directly to the data. That’s the tie-in: going from the visual image that shows what the data actually look like directly to the physical, quantified, XY plot. Check out Tecplot Chorus, a parametric tool included in Tecplot 360.

Tecplot CFD software keeps engineers in mind

Visualization is a big topic, but it’s more than pretty pictures. We build CFD Software tools that are based on:

  • Holistic and extremely useful volumetric visualization views.
  • Complete reports that give engineers useful ways to organize and understand the underlying data.

This interplay between volumetric visualization and engineering plots is unique in our business. For the engineer, understanding happens in this interplay between visualization and the underlying plots.

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