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Tecplot RS 2012 Helps Reservoir Engineers Be More Intuitive

Tecplot RS gives engineers the power to do rapid grid comparisons of 2D and 3D plots, even from different reservoir simulators. Users can immediately see up to four different grids side by side.

reservoir engineering
When reservoir engineers can quickly do visual comparisons, they can arrive at intuitive solutions faster.

reservoir engineering show deltas

Now users can synchronize grid solutions in time and space. Reservoir engineers will see accurate comparisons between specific plots.

Even grids from different reservoir simulators display accurately.

To show differences between runs, click on the “show deltas” check box and immediately see the delta grid with the active solution as a reference grid.

Faster in more ways

Tecplot RS 2012 has a new option for the CMG data loader to provide derived variables including ratios such as gas-to-oil ratio.

Now engineers can modify and save up to 100 unique style sets. This feature simplifies the comparison of multiple simulation runs.

Stored style sets save time engineers would otherwise use recreating these style sets.

Tecplot RS works the way you work.