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The rules of the game have changed for CFD visualization software

At Tecplot, we like to keep a close eye on industry trends. Sometimes, that means poring through scientific journals and researching new technologies.

And sometimes, that means playing more video games.

We’re in the business of making things pretty, after all. And no one does that better than gaming companies. They’re constantly coming up with fresh ways to:
· Render art,
· Achieve faster frame rates,
· Develop more textured environments, and
· Surprise and delight their users (our favorite).

Take Nintendo’s Wii video console, for example. When that was launched, it added an entirely new experience to gaming. Imagine that kind of game-changer brought to computational fluid dynamics post-processing and you’ll have a good idea where we’d like to take our products in the near future.

Correction: Where we will take our products in the near future.

Because lately, we’re looking more than ever at ways we can:
· Make simulation analytics more interactive,
· Take advantage of mobile technology, and
· Give engineers more from their simulation data.

The 30-year-old visualization software start-up

In the gaming industry, competition drives innovation. Game companies rush to provide ever-improving experiences, understanding that this level of intensity is what it takes to succeed. Lately, they’re even looking into creating cool interactions between portable tablets and the big screen. Think about that for a minute: tablets are still in their infancy, yet gaming companies are already pushing the boundaries of how they can be used.

Gaming is a competitive industry, but that’s what makes it so inspiring. At Tecplot, we strive to think like this, too. In many ways, we’re still a start-up—even though we’re 30 years old. And to that, we say: Game on.

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