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Yeah, we do that: Tecplot ChemBond helps create stronger metals

It’s not computational fluid dynamics, our usual specialty. But it’s something we find just as elegant . . . and extremely intriguing.

It’s quantum physics, and Tecplot is dipping right in.

Here’s how: Last month, in a paper titled “Better Alloys with Quantum Design,” our Dr. Scott Imlay and a few other scientists demonstrated how chemists are lately using quantum physics to create stronger metal alloys. An American Physical Society (APS) synopsis of the paper (you can read that here) summarized their findings.

“Although difficult to measure in the lab, researchers have in the past computed this by means of density-functional theory. Jones et al. coupled computer visualization to a developing theory known as QTAIM (quantum theory of atoms in molecules) to bring more predictive power to the problem,” APS wrote.

And it was Tecplot ChemBond, our new visualization tool, that supplied these unique, complex visualizations.

The result: new alloys that “improve upon the mechanical properties of high-strength steel.”

Now that’s some seriously powerful—and practical—computing.

To read the entire paper, visit APS here.