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What is TecIO?

TecIO allows you to create native Tecplot binary files (*.plt) or SZL binary files (*.szplt) directly from your application.

TecIO-MPI now supports the reading and writing of Tecplot SZL binary files (*.szplt). Files may be written in parallel from an MPI-based parallel solver.

Tecplot SZL (*.szplt) files are compatible with Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R2 or later. Tecplot PLT (*.plt) files are compatible with Tecplot Focus and Tecplot 360 versions released in 2009 or later.

On Windows platforms, tecio.dll and teciompi.dll are installed in the bin folder of your Tecplot 360 installation. On Linux, libtecio.so and libteciompi.so are installed in the bin folder of your

Tecplot installation. On Macintosh, libtecio.dylib and libteciompi.dylib are contained in the MacOS folder of Tecplot’s application bundle. The MPI versions are built against Microsoft MPI (Windows) or OpenMPI (Linux and Macintosh). To use Tecio-MPI with other MPI implementations, download the source from our website and compile it on your target platform.

Details can be found in the Tecplot Data Format Guide document. The Format Guide can also be found in your Tecplot installation folder (called 360_data_format_guide.pdf).

There are example files in the util/tecio/examples folder of your Tecplot installation (on Macintosh, these are also found inside Tecplot’s application bundle).

The example programs demonstrate the use of the TecIO utility functions, and are provided in both FORTRAN and C++:

  • simtest.f, simtest.f90, simtest.cpp – simple use of the TecIO functions
  • comtest.f, comtest.f90, comtest.cpp – complex use of TecIO functions, such as multiple file generation and transient data

Examples that target specific actions, like writing polyhedral data, are also included in the TecIO package.