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Tecplot Add-on Provides Min & Max Values for Selected Zones

Michael Connelly recently retired from his position of modeling contaminant migration in ground water flow at Washington State’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation.  Mike has been using Tecplot 360 to visualize and plot the results of his simulations.  Over the years, he has become quite proficient at creating add-ons to extend Tecplot 360’s capabilities.

Mike’s most recent add-on is called LocateZonesMinMax. It provides the minimum and maximum for a single zone or group of zones.  The search for maximum and minimum can be restricted to the area/volume shown on screen.

Mike is generously providing this add-on to other Tecplot 360 users at no charge. Thanks Mike! You can contact him to at m.connelly@charter.net to obtain a copy of the add-on, or if you are interested in help with customizing Tecplot for your application (a charge may be associated with additional help).

The usage of LocateZonesMinMax is described below.

Tecplot Add-onsFirst, choose how you wish to specify the zones to be used for the min/max calculation.

  • A single zone you specify: the add-on finds the min/max values for the single zone and variable you select.
  • All zones: the add-on finds the min/max values for a variable you select in all zones. This can be overridden by choosing zones in the Zone List.
  • Active zones: the add-on finds the min/max values for a variable you select in active zones.

To restrict the min/max calculation to data displayed within the frame, mark the “Restrict to data within frame” checkbox. If “After locating, reselect to in frame zones” is marked, the Zone List is updated to display only zones visible in the frame.

After selecting the zone selection methods, actually select a zone or zones in the Zone List, then a variable in the Variable List. If using All Zones or All Active Zones, the applicable zones are already selected, although you may choose different ones if desired. The min/max are immediately displayed when you choose a variable.

You may also choose a zone by clicking in the Tecplot 360 workspace. First click “Use Mouse to Pick Zones,” then click in the workspace. Each zone you click is added to the selection in the Zone List, unless you have chosen to specify a single zone using the Choose Location Type buttons, in which case each zone you click is individually chosen. To clear the selected zones in the Zone List, click “Clear List.” If you have already chosen a variable, choosing different zone(s) automatically updates the min/max displayed in the dialog for that variable.

For both minimum and maximum values, the zone, the Tecplot 1-D array location, the variable number and its I/J/K index, and the actual minimum or maximum value are displayed in their own sections of the add-on’s dialog.

Once you have found the min/max values you are interested in, you can optionally use the following buttons:

  • Show Min/Max as scatter symbols. The minimum and maximum will be marked with scatter symbols in the Tecplot 360 workspace. Scatter symbols for other zones are turned off.
  • Get Other Values at Minimum (or Maximum) Location. Displays a dialog that shows the values of all other variables at the min or max location. Both cell-centered and nodal values are displayed; one of these will be interpolated depending on the format of the data.

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