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Post-Processing One Billion Cells

By Dr. Durrell Rittenberg, Vice President of Product Management

Over the last decade, I have followed several technological advancements in numerical simulation post-processing. While there were improvements in the area of parallel rendering and client-server technology, these approaches were limited to those with large computational resources. The most notable breakthroughs available to most engineers came in the form of improved graphics cards – thanks in large part to the gaming community. Today, a majority of the engineering community uses a workstation for CFD post-processing visualization.

In 2008, Tecplot introduced “Load-On-Demand” technology which allowed users to load only the variables needed during their visual analysis. This significantly reduced the memory footprint for large data analysis. However, for a very large solution where loading a single variable into memory was not possible, performance suffered. Subsequently, a new approach was needed to support the requirements of the CFD community looking at very large computational meshes.

TrapWing300New Technology Solves Very Large Data Demand

Researchers at Tecplot have been working on new technology that would enable engineers to post-process very large data solutions on engineering workstations, desktop computers, or laptops. After almost 24 months of research and development, one of the key issues – that of memory usage – has been overcome. Tecplot now has a working Beta version of this new technology.

Tecplot Working Beta with New Technology

Early results are promising. Internal tests have shown improvements on the order of 40 to 100 times faster than Tecplot 360 2013 R1 for common post-processing tasks. The increase in speed is very exciting, but perhaps more exciting is the decrease in memory usage.

This morning I loaded a one billion cell model on my laptop and never used over 8GB of RAM. Loading this same data into Tecplot 360 2013 R1, by comparison, required close to 60 GB of RAM!

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Tecplot’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Scott Imlay, and I invite you to join us as we demonstrate this new technology, and discuss the next generation of Tecplot 360 products.

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