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Tecplot Bondalyzer

Tecplot BondalyzerFor some years now, researchers at Tecplot have been collaborating with a group at the Colorado School of Mines on a project, led by Dr. Mark Eberhart, to develop predictive software that can compute the bulk properties of materials from the electronic structure.

The latest findings of the Tecplot Bondalyzer project have been published in the January issue of ChemPhysChem1.

Previously referred to as Tecplot ChemBond, Better Alloys with Quantum Design, published through the American Physical Society.

A year later, Dr. Scott Imlay explained how this research fits into that President Obama’s Materials Genome Initiative in the blog titled From Atoms to Airplanes.

So the project once called Tecplot ChemBond has become the Tecplot Bondalyzer.

1Miorelli, J., Wilson, T., Morgenstern, A., Jones, T. and Eberhart, M. E. (2015), Back Cover: A Full Topological Analysis of Unstable and Metastable Bond Critical Points (ChemPhysChem 1/2015). ChemPhysChem, 16: 260. doi: 10.1002/cphc.201590005