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History Match Bubble Plots

Bursting the Bubble on Traditional History Matching Blog by Raja Olimuthu, Tecplot RS Product Manager The big problem with traditional history match workflows is that they are cumbersome. Doing a well by well analysis is time consuming, and it can be difficult to get a holistic view of your reservoir. A better way is to examine the history match spatially – that is in one view. I want to show […]

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Case Study: Unified Environment for Comparing and Validating Results from Multiple Reservoir Simulators

In a world as technically intricate as the oil and gas industry—when billions of dollars of revenue are on the line—reservoir engineers must be confident that they have predicted the behavior of complex systems with reasonable accuracy. Dr. Richard F. Strickland, president of The Strickland Group, is an expert in the field of reservoir behavior analysis. In his business, he is frequently asked to compare disparate reservoir simulation datasets of […]

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Tecplot RS 2011 released with support for CMG simulators

Press Release 7/26/2011 Contact: Company’s reservoir simulation visualization and analysis tool now offers unified workspace with support for all major reservoir simulators BELLEVUE, WA — July 26, 2011 — Tecplot RS 2011 has been released with support for Computer Modeling Group (CMG) simulators, allowing users to work with all major reservoir simulators in a unified post-processing environment. “We believe customer input should always drive the development cycle. So this […]

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