Specify Equations Dialog

Calculating a New Variable

Data Alteration through Equations Engineers using Tecplot 360 often need to create a new variable which is based on a numeric relationship of existing variables already loaded into Tecplot. This powerful capability for calculating a new variable uses a simple method. To start, load your data into Tecplot 360. In this example, we loaded the VortexShedding.plt data located in the Tecplot 360 examples folder. Choose Alter -> Specify Equations from […]

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NASA Trap Wing

Comparison of Tecplot Data File Formats

Tecplot 360 performance has improved significantly in the last five years, however, the performance experienced by the user varies dramatically with the file format being read. Whenever we tell a developer that a customer is experiencing poor performance, their first question is always “What data format are they reading?”. I’m writing this blog to explain why. […]

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