Tecplot for COMSOL Users

3 Reasons To Post Process COMSOL® Results in Tecplot

Having a reliable, accurate, flexible and easy-to-use method to post process your results is key to effectively analyzing CFD, other simulation and test data results. Tecplot 360 is a suite of CFD visualization and analysis tools that can handle large data sets, automate workflows and visualize parametric results. Load Simulation And Test Data From Many Different Sources If you aggregate data from multiple simulation sources, in addition to test data, […]

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COMSOL® to Tecplot Converter

Here’s your bit of good news for COMSOL® users: Recently, John Tanski of Los Alamos National Lab released a COMSOL® to Tecplot converter. Using LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, it converts COMSOL® .mph files to a form that Tecplot can read. The converter is located on Sourceforge.net. From the description on Sourceforge: “The MATLAB® m.file will export data contained within a COMSOL® mph file to a datafile in the format of an ascii TECPLOT file. […]

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