Sharing Data in Tecplot Files

Data Sharing in Tecplot Files

“Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.” –Richard Stallman. Tecplot divides datasets into zones. These zones may represent different areas of the physical domain, the same physical domain at different time steps, or different results that you may wish to compare. The zones may also have different dimensionality; for example there may be a mixture of 3D volume zones that contain field variables and 2D surface zones […]

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Working with Unsteady Results

Today’s low-cost computational resources have fundamentally changed the way we approach modern technical challenges. In the world of CFD, one of the most dramatic changes has been the increasing use of unsteady (transient) simulations, which allows engineers and scientists to study moving machinery and turbulence flows more effectively. This article is designed to show you how to work more easily with unsteady results using the improved quantitative capabilities in the […]

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