Source code for tecplot.legend.scatter_legend

from builtins import super

from ..tecutil import sv
from .. import session, tecutil
from . import legend

[docs]class ScatterLegend(legend.CategoryLegend): """Legend style for scatter plots. .. code-block:: python :emphasize-lines: 27-28 from os import path import tecplot as tp from tecplot.constant import * examples_dir = tp.session.tecplot_examples_directory() infile = path.join(examples_dir, 'SimpleData', 'HeatExchanger.plt') dataset = frame = tp.active_frame() frame.plot_type = PlotType.Cartesian2D plot = frame.plot() plot.show_scatter = True # make space for the legend plot.axes.viewport.right = 70 plot.axes.x_axis.min = 4 plot.axes.x_axis.max = 7 # assign some shape and color to each fieldmap for i, fmap in enumerate(plot.fieldmaps()): for zone in fmap.zones: = 'Zone {}'.format(i) fmap.scatter.symbol().shape = GeomShape(i % 7) fmap.scatter.fill_mode = FillMode.UseSpecificColor fmap.scatter.fill_color = Color(i % 7) = True plot.scatter.legend.row_spacing = 0.95 tp.export.save_png('scatter_legend.png') .. figure:: /_static/images/scatter_legend.png :width: 300px :figwidth: 300px """ def __init__(self, scatter): self.scatter = scatter super().__init__(scatter._sv, sv.LEGEND, **scatter._kw) @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def box(self): """`text.TextBox`: Legend box attributes. Example usage:: >>> from tecplot.constant import PlotType, Color >>> = Color.Blue """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def show(self): """`bool`: Show or hide the legend. Example usage:: >>> = True """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def anchor_alignment(self): """`AnchorAlignment`: Anchor location of the legend. Example usage:: >>> from tecplot.constant import AnchorAlignment >>> legend = plot.scatter.legend >>> legend.anchor_alignment = AnchorAlignment.BottomCenter """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def row_spacing(self): """`float`: Spacing between rows in the legend. Example usage:: >>> plot.scatter.legend.row_spacing = 1.5 """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def text_color(self): """`Color`: Color of legend text. Example usage:: >>> from tecplot.constant import Color >>> plot.scatter.legend.text_color = Color.Blue """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def position(self): """`tuple`: Position as a percentage of frame width/height. The legend is automatically placed for you. You may specify the :math:`(x,y)` position of the legend by setting this value, where :math:`x` is the percentage of frame width, and :math:`y` is a percentage of frame height. Example usage:: >>> plot.scatter.legend.position = (10, 30) """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def show_text(self): """`bool`: Show/hide mapping names in the legend. Example usage:: >>> plot.scatter.legend.show_text = True """ @tecutil.inherited_property(legend.CategoryLegend) def font(self): """`text.Font`: Legend font attributes. .. note:: The font `size_units <tecplot.text.Font.size_units>` property may only be set to `Units.Frame` or `Units.Point`. Example usage:: >>> plot.scatter.legend.font.italic = True """