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Top 5 Reasons To Use Best-In-Class Tools Over Integrated Solutions

Integrated solutions for CFD and CAE tools provide a convenient framework for engineers using simulation in their design process. Although integrated tools like ANSYS Workbench and COMSOL Multiphysics are designed to provide flexibility on solution methodology and analysis, there are significant benefits to using best-in-class tools for design and optimization.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Best-in-Class Tools for Design and Optimization

  1. More flexibility – Engineering practices are evolving over time and there has been an increased focus on collaboration and multi-disciplinary approaches to design problems. Engineers are faced with highly dimensional problems which require a flexible architecture that integrated solutions often lack. Using best-in-class tools allows engineers to adapt to the challenges they face.Tecplot Chorus Matrix View 
  2. Tools designed by subject matter experts – Integrated solutions continue to improve their pre- and post- processing over time to meet the needs of their users. For the generalist this improvement has been welcomed; however, for the specialist solving complex engineering problems, a different set of tools are required. Best-in-class tools like Pointwise and Tecplot have been developed by subject matter experts that allow the specialist to ask and answer difficult questions.
  3. Breadth of Capability – Over the years Tecplot has evolved to satisfy the needs of our 50,000 users worldwide. As a result, we have added features to help engineers be more curious and ask more questions.
  4. Compare solvers and other physics engines – Earlier this month I had the chance to attend the MDAO (Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization) conference in Boston, MA. While there, I had the opportunity to talk with several industry leaders about the challenges they face working within a heterogeneous simulation environment. Third party tools like Tecplot allow engineers to quickly compare their physics simulations independent of sources with more flexible data interfaces.
  5. Higher level of support – When it comes to pre- and post- processing, getting the answers to your technical questions quickly is critical. Best-in-class tool developers have specialized support engineers that work closely with users to assist them through their project work.

What specialized CFD and CAE tools are you using?  Whether you are using specialized best-in-class tools or an integrated solution, what is the greatest challenge you face in your work done with these tools?
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