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Axial Rotation Add-on for Tecplot 360

2017 Update:

The axial rotate add-on functionality was integrated into Tecplot 360 2017 R2. The integrated functionality is more robust and performs better than the add-on. If you haven’t already, please use our customer portal, My Tecplot (link in top menu), to update your software to the newest release of Tecplot 360. You can also try the newest release of Tecplot 360 by downloading a free trial.

Welcome to the land where Tecplot 360 can perform essential rotation calculations! The Axial Rotation add-on is now available and we would love to get your feedback. Please send comments to support@tecplot.com.
Axial Rotation add-on for Tecplot 360

Axial Rotation Add-on Capabilities

  • Rotate and repeat your simulation data in 2D and 3D.
  • Easily transform turbine blades around an axis.
  • Rotate Features and Zones relative to one another.
  • Quickly convert between cylindrical/polar and Cartesian coordinates.

Known Limitations

  • Available for Tecplot 360 2014 R2 and newer versions.
  • Styles are not well retained after rotation.
  • Dialog options are not retained after rotation.
  • There is no explicit Undo function. (To undo: if repeating zones, go to Data>Delete>Zone and delete new zones; if only rotating zones, apply a negative rotation with the same delta angle.)
  • To transform vector values, they must be predefined in Plot>Vector>Variables, and as such only one set of vectors can be transformed.
  • There are no macro commands for scripting. (Coming next!)


  1. Download the add-on for your platform from the list below, and unzip/untar the downloaded file.
    Windows: Place axial_rotation.dll in Tecplot 360 bin folder.
    Linux: Place libaxial_rotation.so in Tecplot 360 bin folder.
  2. Open the tecplot.add file in a text editor (located in the Tecplot 360 installation directory), and add the following entry on a new line:
    $!LoadAddOn “axial_rotation”
  3. Open Tecplot 360 and a new option should be available under Tools>Rotate About Axis.

Axial Rotation Add-on Download Files

Tecplot 360 2016 R1 and newer versions

Tecplot 360 2015 R2 and older versions

We look forward to hearing from you! Please send your feedback to support@tecplot.com.

Devon Simpson
Blog contributed by Devon Simpson
Technical Product Engineer
Tecplot, Inc.