Upstream and Downstream Simulation Visualization and Analysis

Simulation models are used throughout the oil and gas industry – from upstream reservoir simulation to downstream applications. Not only are more simulations being run, but the simulation results are growing larger and more complex.

The ability to quickly and accurately analyze these results lends confidence to the predicted model behavior. And when billions of dollars are on the line, this becomes vital for company survival.

Tecplot has been working closely with engineers in the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years. Our tools are compatible with the growing list of simulation tools, and we provide custom solutions for customers who are writing internal formats.

Tecplot RS

Reservoir Visualization

Tecplot RS is specifically designed for reservoir simulation workflows. It helps you quickly validate your results, make crucial decisions about your model and communicate those decisions to colleagues and management.

Visual comprehension, data analytic and quick answer views help you gain a complete spatial understanding of your results.

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Tecplot 360

CFD Visualization

Tecplot 360 is a more general visualization and analysis tool which caters to the CFD and TOUGH2 communities. Its flexibility allows you to construct plots and views exactly the way you need them.

Additional modules let you to manage and analyze multiple simulation runs, automate scripts with Python, and manipulate large, remote models.

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