Announcing FieldView 2022

Yves-Marie Lefebvre,
FieldView product manager and Tecplot CTO,
walks you through the changes in the release.

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Announcing FieldView 2022

We are excited to announce that FieldView 2022 has been released and is now available for download through our Customer Portal and as a Free Trial. You’ll enjoy the many usability and feature improvements – they will make your work life easier! FieldView is the industry’s tool of choice when engineers must deliver better results within fast design cycles. Use FieldView to make your decisions quickly and with confidence.

Easier Data Input Workflow

The legacy cascade menu has been replaced with a single panel, letting you read your CFD results with fewer clicks.

  • All Data Input settings are now available from a single menu
  • Last used format is remembered from session-to-session
  • The new Local Parallel options automatically adjusts the number of MPI processes
  • Use the new icon to open the Data Input menu

Data Input Workflow

Simpler Restart Menus

Using the same logic, loading and saving Restarts has been simplified.

  • Load & save your work with fewer clicks
  • The last used Restart format is remembered
  • Icons give you a direct access to Complete Restarts, the most frequent Restart mode

Simpler Restart Menus

Simulation by Creo Dynamics, Post-processing by FieldView.

Transparent Streamlines

Highlight flow structures without hiding underlying surfaces with Transparent Streamlines.

  • Compatible with all Streamline display types
  • Uses the same fast and high-quality transparency as surfaces
  • Works great with Presentation Rendering for more realistic filaments and ribbons

Transparent Particle Paths

  • Same new customizable transparency.
  • Per Particle Path Rake attribute.

New ANSYS-Fluent CFF Reader

FieldView has a brand-new reader for the Ansys-Fluent CFF format.

  • Partnership gave us access to Ansys’ own CFF SDK
  • Full-featured: unsteady, face-based results on boundary conditions, streamlines wall marking, …
  • Supported on Windows and Linux (not macOS)

ANSYS Fluent CFF Reader
Fluent users now have 3 interface options

FVUNS export (Recommended for best performance)
*.cas.h5 / *.dat.h5 (CFF format)
*.cas / *.dat (Legacy format)

Improved Auto Partitioner

Same increased parallel performance for structured datasets, but now without any visible impact on your grid numbering and dimensions.

  • Auto Partitioner is now fully transparent
  • Grids are only modified “under the hood” to obtain better load balancing

Improved FieldView Auto Partitioner

More Improvements

  • 3x smaller installation package.
  • MP4 is the recommended video format, MPEG export has been deprecated.
  • myFVMPI now available to users with PFV32 licenses and above.
  • Over twelve bug fixes.
  • Updated Documentation.

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For a full list of all the new features and enhancements, see the PDF, Welcome to FieldView 2022.