Whether you’re a single user or you’re supporting an international team of engineers, the Tecplot licensing program is designed to give you flexible, cost-effective options. We offer several commercial license types to fit any size and kind of organization. Also see our academic offerings. For more information, call us at 800-763-7005 or 425-653-1200 or email sales@tecplot.com.

MyTecplot Customer Portal

Logging into your My Tecplot account in our Customer Portal gives you access to the Dashboard where you can download supported releases of Tecplot software, manage licenses and keys, submit support tickets, and edit your profile information.

You may want to watch this short video tutorial on managing Tecplot licenses and keys.

MyTecplot Customer Portal

License Definition

A license includes executable-only binary software downloadable, a license to use the software, documentation, and 12 months of TecPLUS™ Service. For your specific licensing agreement, see the end-user licensing agreement (EULA) that is included with your Tecplot product, located in the top menu under Help.

Single-User License

If Licensee purchased a Single-User License, Tecplot, Inc. allows one (1) designated individual, and only that individual, the right to install the software on one (1) work computer, one (1) home computer, and one (1) portable computer. Concurrent use is not allowed.

Single-Facility Network License

If Licensee purchased a Single-Facility Network License, Licensee may install and use the software on any compatible computer on Licensee’s internal local-area network (LAN) up to the licensed number of concurrent users. A LAN is an internal computer network confined to a building or group of buildings within a one hundred (100) kilometer radius. The provided license manager can be administered outside of the facility as long as the software use is within a single facility.

Multi-Facility Network License

If Licensee purchased a Multi-Facility Network License, Licensee may install and use the Software on any compatible computer on Licensee’s internal wide-area Network (WAN) up to the licensed number of concurrent users. A WAN is defined as an internal computer network or group of LANs that have no geographic boundaries.