Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Value Added Resellers offer Tecplot software as an included or optional tool for the visualization of results generated by their software.

Innovative Research, Inc.
Product Name: COMPACT
COMPACT is a family of general-purpose computer programs (based on CFD) designed to analyze fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions, turbulence, radiation and related phenomena.
COMPACT supports Tecplot ASCII output format.

Product Name: KARALIT CFD vFD
KARALIT CFD software couples an original implementation of the Immersed Boundary Method with a standard Body Fitted grid technology in order to guarantee the ease of use, speed and accuracy of the first, while keeping the reliability and effectiveness of the second.

For over 13 years MicroVec has been successful in delivering PIV, PTV and DIC systems to over 160 entities in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, etc., with innovative and patented techniques and increased level of sophistication and complexity, including newest techniques like POD – Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, DMD – Dynamic Mode Decomposition, Tomographic PIV and pressure measurements with PIV. All MicroVec software generates output data in Tecplot format.

Simulent, Inc.
Product Names: Simulent Drop, Simulent Spray, Simulent Fill, Simulent Porous
Simulent, Inc., provides consulting services to industries involved in the design, development and utilization of various equipments and processes such as nozzles, spray atomizers, filling systems, casting processes and various types of coating processes. Simulent, Inc.’s CFD products are capable of simulating 3D free surface flows with heat transfer and solidification. The products are designed to add value to industrial operations by minimizing pilot testing, prototyping and experimentation.
Simulent products support both Tecplot ASCII and Tecplot binary output formats.

TSI Incorporated
TSI Incorporated manufactures experimental equipment for fluid dynamics research. Products include particle image velocimetry (PIV), stereoPIV, microPIV, volumetric three-component velocimetry (V3V) and more. These products measure fluid (gas or liquid) velocities instantaneously on a grid of points over a plane or a volume. INSIGHT3G and INSIGHTV3V are image processing software packages that calculate velocities from images and interface with Tecplot to display the data as well as higher order statistics, such as turbulence and Reynolds stresses.
TSI products are used by the best researchers all over the world to gain insights into fluid dynamics, with the ultimate goal of improving efficiency, value, and quality of life.
INSIGHT3G includes a Tecplot add-on (including data loaders), and both INSIGHT3G and INSIGHTV3V support output data in Tecplot format (ASCII or binary).

Product Name: Cubeit
Engineers and scientists need to manage data and visualize the results. Cubeit starter kit allows you to see the raw data and analyze the river while creating pictures that tell the complete story. For advanced manipulation and data analyses, WaterCube offers both Cubeit Professional and Cubeit Unlimited Powered by Tecplot to give you advanced functionality for hydraulic analyses, modeling and comparative analyses.