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Tecplot ChorusDesign Space Exploration
Tecplot Chorus integrates CFD post-processing, powerful analytics tools, and data management. Collections of CFD simulations can be compared in a single environment while evaluating system performance.
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Tecplot 360CFD Visualization
2014 R2 Now Available!
Analyze complex data, arrange multiple layouts, and present your CFD results with brilliant images and animations. Now faster, using less memory, and delivering large data performance.
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Tecplot RSReservoir Visualization
Tecplot RS helps you manage and analyze simulation data, uncover knowledge about reservoir model behavior, and gain confidence in making crucial decisions. Evaluate a full range of results: 3D grid plots, 2D x-sections, and line graphs.
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CFD Post-processing Tools

Tecplot software empowers engineers and scientists working with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to discover, analyze, and understand information in complex data. Brilliant images and animations can be exported to help you effectively communicate your results to others. Since 1988, “Tecplot” is the visualization tool of choice for tens of thousands of engineers and scientists worldwide. Whether performing simulations, analyses, or experiments, visualization provides insight and understanding hidden inside your data. Armed with this information you can be critical in pinpointing and solving problems, optimizing designs, and in explaining physical observations. Learn more about Tecplot and visualization.