CFD Visualization

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Make better engineering decisions faster with Tecplot 360.

The Tecplot 360 suite of CFD visualization and analysis tools differs from other tools in that it is easy to learn and use, offers broader capabilities, and produces better-quality images and output with integrated XY, 2D, and 3D plotting.

  • Automate workflows with Python and macros.
  • Handle large, remote data sets.
  • Visualize parametric results from multiple sources.

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Oil and Gas Reservoir Visualization

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Streamline your processes and gets to your answers in just a few mouse clicks with Tecplot RS.

After running a reservoir simulation, you must be able to:

  • Quickly validate your results.
  • Make crucial decisions about your model.
  • Communicate your decisions to colleagues and management.

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Tecplot 360 Basics

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices, and gain the expertise to analyze your data more effectively.



"I happened to search MATLAB on your website and came across the webinar ... My two favourite pieces of software get along! I was able to get up and running really quickly ...
Love your product!"

-Dale Roach, PhD, PEng, Univ. of New Brunswick
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Tecplot Visualization and Analysis

With thousands of customers worldwide, Tecplot, Inc. is the leading post-processing tool and the most trusted name in CFD data visualization. We believe visual analysis is the key to unlocking information hidden in complex data, leading to world-changing discoveries and innovation. Not only do we empower engineers and scientists to visualize, analyze, and understand information in simulation and test data results, but through our high-resolution images and animations, we help them seamlessly communicate their results to stakeholders.

Tecplot software differs from other visualization tools in that it is easy to learn and use, offers broader capabilities, and produces better-quality images and output. Our culture is casual yet focused on providing tools that promote creativity, efficiency and productivity.

  • Tecplot 360 is a suite of CFD visualization and analysis tools that can handle large data sets, automate workflows, and visualize parametric results.
  • Tecplot RS is specifically designed to streamline oil & gas reservoir simulation visualization and analysis.

Tecplot, Inc. is an operating company of Toronto-based Constellation Software, Inc. (CSI). CSI is a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:CSU). CSI acquires, manages and builds software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions in specific vertical markets.