Evaluation of Coastal and Ocean Models

Coastal and ocean model evaluation is often done by writing custom scripts. The iterative process of writing code, executing it and troubleshooting (rinse repeat) is tedious and time consuming.

With terabytes of data produced daily, it is difficult to view and comprehend all the results. A significant amount of time may also be chewed up fine tuning exported plots for presentations.

All this adds up to a lot of wasted time and money.

A highly interactive and flexible tool that helps get you through the “last mile” by delivering top-quality, easily adjustable plots may be the solution you need.


Ease of Visualization and Analysis

Tecplot 360 cuts out the tedium of scripting so you can get your work done faster. Creating plots with your eyes instead of your keyboard is so much easier.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, Tecplot 360 performs standard analyses (such as transect, isosurface and vertical profiles). Memory and speed optimizations are built in.

A new release of Tecplot 360 is scheduled for late 2018. This release will include an FVCOM loader, and it will have the ability to insert georeferenced images. Georeferenced images put your data in context, and now Tecplot 360 will automatically position and scale your georeferenced Google Earth or Bing Maps image.

Additional modules allow you to manage and analyze multiple simulation runs, automate scripts with Python, and manipulate large, remote models.

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Customer Quotes

“This is so easy, I am loving it!”

– Jonathan Whiting, Researcher, Coastal Sciences Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

“With Tecplot, I can look at my results from any angle I want. All my presentation plots are made by Tecplot.”

– Hansong Tang, Associate Professor
The City College of New York

“It’s pretty great! Way better than what I was using before, and easy to navigate.”

– Blake Clark, Graduate Research Assistant
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

“… easy to create transect, this is so cool.”

– Wenwei Xu, Earth Scientist, Coastal Sciences Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Webinar Recording:

Visualization and Analysis of FVCOM Results in Tecplot 360

Coastal and Ocean Modeling data is used to show how to communicate your FVCOM results quickly and interactively. The FVCOM data loader will be available in the September release of Tecplot 360.

Watch the Recording