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Tecplot 360 is flow visualization software that allows you to configure integrated 3D, 2D and XY-line plots to your exact standards. A Python API gives you direct access to your data. When you are ready to communicate your analysis, you can easily export high-resolution images, videos and animations in the most popular vector, raster and video/animation formats.


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“It’s a lot easier to examine visual images than it is to wade through numbers or statistics.

If there’s a problem with the way the code or numerical parameters were set up, it’s much faster to spot these anomalies visually than by printing out rows and rows of numbers.”

– Dr. Jackqueline Chen, Sandia National Laboratories (read the case study)

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Tecplot for CONVERGE

Included with your CONVERGE license, Tecplot for CONVERGE flow visualization software is distributed and licensed by Convergent Science.

Tecplot for CONVERGE is Tecplot 360 with just a few limitations, Output file format supports CONVERGE only, Python scripting with PyTecplot is GUI-only (no batch mode), and no access to Chorus or SZL Server.

The full version of Tecplot 360 can be purchased directly from Tecplot – Request a Quote.

Tecplot for CONVERGE vs. Full Version of Tecplot 360

Feature Tecplot For CONVERGE Tecplot 360
Licensing Download from Convergent Science Download from Tecplot, Inc.
Platform Support Windows/Linux Windows/Linux/Mac
Watermark Convergent Science branding No
Supported file formats *.out, Tecplot1, CGNS2 No limitations
Python Scripting (PyTecplot) GUI only GUI & Batch mode3
Tecplot Macros GUI only GUI & Batch mode
XY Plotting Yes Yes
2D Plotting Yes Yes
3D Plotting Yes Yes
# Pages 1 Unlimited
# Frames per Page 5 Unlimited
# of CPUs Unlimited Unlimited
Tecplot Chorus No Yes3
Remote Data via SZL Server No Yes3

1 Tecplot output from post_convert only
2 Support in 2019
3 Available with TecPLUS support & maintenance subscription


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“Tecplot for CONVERGE is a user-friendly tool that works well and makes sense.”

“Tecplot feels like it was designed from the ground up by a team that had extensive experience with CFD.”

– Erik Tylczak, CFD
research engineer, Convergent Science

How To Use Tecplot For CONVERGE

To get you up and running as fast as possible we have created this 20-minute video clip. It gives you a tour of Tecplot 360 and shows you how to use common analysis tools, including the post_convert utility, loading cell-averaged output files, parcels, slices, animation and movie file export, isosurfaces, streamtraces and using Python. You can also download the scripts and read the full transcription »

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CONVERGE users have access to Tecplot for CONVERGE for free. Tecplot for CONVERGE is distributed and licensed by Convergent Science and can be downloaded at https://download.convergecfd.com/download/. To obtain a license, please contact support@convergecfd.com.

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